Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate a new policy to extend my Vehicle Service Contract?
Simply fill out our quick quote from and you will receive a call from one of our agents. You may also call us and we will be happy to answer any questions and assist you in extending coverage on your vehicle.

Why Shouldn't I Purchase the cheapest extended auto Vehicle Service Contract I can Find?
** Not all extended Vehicle Service Contract's have the same level of Coverage

** There are reputable Companies & Unreputable Companies, some of the Unreputable tend to make you go thru red tape. We don't!!

** Not all Warranty Administrators have Insurers & reinsurers to back up paying the Claims.

Is my extended Vehicle Service Contract Transferable?
Your Vehicle Service Contract is transferable to another owner. Most buyers would prefer purchasing a used vehicle when it comes with a Vehicle Service Contract. A transferable Vehicle Service Contract also improves the resale of the automobile & in addition helps to sell your vehicle.

What is a Vehicle Service Contract or Extended Warranty?
First a Vehicle Service Contract is similar to a Manufacturers Auto Warranty only you have choices of Coverage with an extended Vehicle Service Contract. Once a vehicle manufacturers original Vehicle Service Contract expires we extend the Coverage for an additional time period & for a specified amount of mileage on all covered components listed in the extended Vehicle Service Contract policy.

Where can I bring my Vehicle to be repaired under the Vehicle Service Contract? You can bring your vehicle to your Dealership of your choice or to any licensed Repair Facility in the United States. We have you covered... you can use our Vehicle Service Contract in all 50 States. Many of our policy Holders use their dealership; others use Pep Boys, Firestone & local repair shops.

What if my vehicle needs repair and I am not near my home?
You can go to any Dealership or any licensed repair shop in the United States to have your vehicle serviced. We only require they be a licensed repair Facility.

Where can I locate my Vehicle Identification Number?
Your Vehicle Identification number is on your registration & Insurance card. It is also located at the bottom of your windshield on the driver's side.

I already need some repairs can I have them repaired under this policy?
We do not repair pre-existing repair problems. In most cases there is a 30 day wait and 1,000 miles.

Do I need to bring my vehicle in to be inspected?
No! We do not inspect any vehicles. In most cases there is a waiting period prior to the extended Vehicle Service Contract policy becoming effective. This is the way most Vehicle Administrators eliminate pre existing repair problems.

What is the procedure if I need to have a Repair?
If your Vehicle is no longer running then you will need to call the telephone number in your policy book for roadside assistance. Once your vehicle is at the repair facility all you have to do is hand your Vehicle Service Contract to the service adviser. After the repair facility diagnoses the problem they will call our claims department for authorization to have your Vehicle repaired. Upon completion of the repair the repair facility calls our claims department for payment which is done over the phone directly to the repair facility by credit card.

How can I be assured that my Vehicle Service Contract provider will financially be able to pay for my repairs?
We only represent top Insured & reinsured Vehicle Service administrators. This means the insurers & reinsurers are the highest rated Companies in the Insurance Industry. In addition a portion of all premiums are deposited into an account to pay for all future repairs monitored by Insurance regulations.

How can Vehicle Protection America offer Extended Warranty's at such a reduced price?
We do not pay any Dealers or 3rd parties to sell Vehicle Service Contracts. Our Company represents directly the Vehicle Service Contract providers. Our pricing is the lowest price for the highest rated Insurance providers available today.

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