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Vehicle Protection of America is a highly rated provider of Vehicle Service Contracts throughout the United States. We specialize exclusively in top notch & highly Insured Vehicle Service Contracts. Our purpose to help you eliminate the sudden shock of unexpected breakdowns resulting in you spending thousands of dollars for repairs. Our consultants are experienced and committed to assisting you in choosing the best policy to fit your driving needs for years to come. Repair bills are skyrocketing and are likely to continue to become more expensive, let us protect you.

Here's How We Do It!
Our Vehicle Administrators
There are large number of Vehicle Service Contract providers offering extended auto warranties. When you take a magnifying glass to the different extended auto warranty policies there are really only a selected few that fit our profile of Excellence. Our approved handful of Vehicle Service Contract administrators pay your claims quickly on the phone to the service department repairing your automobile. Claims are approved without delay and we go the extra mile to handle your repair problems.

Commitment to our Policy Holders
Vehicle Protection America is committed to the highest standards of excellence in providing you the Industries best Vehicle Service Contracts. Our commitment is to help you expedite your repairs and have you back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible. Our providers pay your claims anywhere in the United States direct to the repair facility with their corporate credit card immediately upon completion of your repairs. Our auto warranty specialists provide professional assistance and can point out the benefits with different mileage and terms of the policies available to you.

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